Thursday, November 09, 2006

AutoHotkey + Lifehacker = Not enough sleep :)

The life flowed around peacefully ... until I read this article on My mind could not rest until I analyzed the usability of the small utility. I have not felt such urge to try something new for a long time. Perhaps too long.

I saved the page to my account today yesterday at 14:57:27 (2:57:27 PM). Since that time my life just started to speed up.

There were minor obstacles in the way, but they melted away by my fury (getting syntax highlighting into Notepad++ was one of them, but that's another story). When the source first appeared before me like a new continent, covered in a veil of mystery (no comments, save a few obvious), waiting to be conquered.

I threw the ';' seeds and the grass began to grow. New '{' branches appeared on the main trunk and bugs crawled from under the rocks. The creation took about 8 hours and you can now admire it's beauty.

dnc.ahk, dnc.exe

If you have AutoHotkey installed, get the 'dnc.ahk' file, otherwise grab the executable. Controls are simple. Everything starts with a 'CTRL+ Numpad *' (sorry notebook users) and ends either by pressing 'Escape' or by focusing the mouse on the point you wanted. The 9 sectors, that appear on screen, map to the numeric area of the keyboard (keys 1-9, 1 is bottom left).

Hope you enjoy it. Comments and critique welcome.

Original source by Adam Pash. Thanks a lot for inspiration.

Update: Since the flash sharing widget is so flaky (see comments) I've replaced it with direct links to the files. Should have done that this way from the start. But the widget was easier to set up. Sorry. Won't happen again.

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