Monday, June 20, 2005

Old games made new?

I read an interview with Todd Howard from Bethesda (the guys, that did the Elders Scrolls saga) on recently. The interviewer mentioned the previous games in the "series" and I began to remember what they were like ...

... the yellow goblins in Arena chasing me through the dungeon ...
... the fun, when I jumped with all kinds of steed from various roofs in Dagerfall ...
... the sadness of the ash-covered country with their diseased inhabitants and the mystery of the missing dwarves in Morrowind ...

But their latest addition to the saga makes me hold my breath in anticipation. Just get the video from here and see for youself! Amazing.

The rebirth of Half-Life as Half-Life: Source made me think, what if the companies would remake some of their older games using the latest game engines? I know there would be many technical problems, but from a gamer's point of view this would be awesome.

Imagine playing the whole Elder Scrolls saga using the latest engine. That would be years of single player CRPG gaming goodness!

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Earth is SMALL

I played (GuildWars) with a ?man? from Wisconsin (US) yesterday and found out I needed a tool to quickly check local time in various timezones.

Having a passionate love for programming, I thought at first about creating such a tool by myself. Thankfully I posses many of the programmer's virtues, among them a good deal of laziness :)

Google helped again and came with this page. You can even compare 1 home and 4 other timezones side to side, so you know when will your frineds come and play :)

A must for planning GvG battles (not that we had a guild hall).