Monday, April 18, 2005

the resurrection

My box is alive an kicking again! :)

The reinstallation was less painfull, than expected. I was quite amazed, that all my settings remained intact and the system remembered KDE settings, gkrellm skins and many other things. Having the /home directory on a separate partition was a good decision!

For a while I played with the thought of installing another distro (debian and gentoo), but I had to get the system to the state, that my wife is familiar with. Downloading Mandakelinux 10.1 DVD (~2GB) took about 3 hours on my 2Mbps connection. Add another 3 hours, that I needed to install the OS, and download necessary software: Firefox, Thunderbird, Azureus and Skype.

... and guess what, amaroK was on the DVD ...


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